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This New Way to Clean up Makeup Brushes is Revolutionary!

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Have you ever wondered why your acne will not disappear? The only solution has been to cover up the blemishes with concealer and foundation. Even though you may clean your brushes regularly by hand, they are the culprit for your pimples! Imagine that. Manually cleaning your brushes not only takes way too much time, but it does not clean your brushes of all the oil and dirt that hides within the bristles. Now, imagine a countertop machine to clean your makeup brushes. Luckily for the makeup enthusiasts, this product exists! The Lilumia is a counter top washing machine that can fit up to twelve make up brushes at a time. With a small compartment for soapy water, it operates in the same way a dish washer does, only you do not have to get your hands wet! Acne and blemishes are ancient history with this new technology. Your face will be fresher and makeup brushes will no longer hold you back in achieving the perfect look!

Available in four colors for $129

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