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5 Beauty Hacks for the Beginner

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beautyBeing unskilled at beautifying oneself is noteworthy. Practicing makeup and skin care when there is nowhere clear to start is one of the most difficult parts of being a beginner. Luckily for the soon-to-be-beauty-queens, there are multiple  hacks to make the process of learning to beautify yourself A LOT easier!

1. How to make sugar scrub

You will need

-1/3 cup brown sugar

-1/4 cup canola oil

-3-5 drops of any essential oil

Combine the brown sugar, canola oil, and essential oil  in a small jar or container- anything with a lid. Mix well. Apply to damp hands and scrub for 20 seconds before rinsing hands in warm water.

Sugar scrub exfoliates and smoothens skin  to achieve a glowing look. Sugar scrub may be used on other parts of the body, but be gentle when applying sugar scrub to face.


2. How to make mascara last as long as possible

The best way to make the life of your mascara longer is to put a few drops of contact solution or eye drops into the tube. Next, stir the mascara with the wand; do not pump the mascara wand into the tube. Pumping dries out mascara faster than usual. DO NOT USE WATER- this will dry out your mascara in a matter of days.


3. How to apply perfume correctly

Perfume was the concentration of plant oils in water, at least until chemical formulas were used. There are a few ways to make the fragrance last longer throughout the day:

-Spray the fragrance once on both sides of neck, once on the top of your head, and once on your wrist.

-Pat your wrists together, do not rub them together, and allow the perfume to air dry on your neck and head.

-Perfume may also be applied lightly to clothing. The idea is that the scent will last longer if it takes longer to dry from skin and material.

-Remember, less is more!


4. How to prevent lipstick from getting onto your teeth

After your lipstick is set and blotted, put your finger shallowly into your mouth and make an “O” around it with your lips. Your lips should touch your finger lightly. Next, pull your finger out of your mouth and wash off the lipstick that has gotten on your finger.


5. How to contour with only blush

Apply your blush as you would apply your bronzer: onto your temple, brow bone, and cheekbone. If you contour with blush, there is no need to contour with bronzer. Also, less is more in this case. Use a natural tone blush and apply lightly. You can always add more!


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