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16 Makeup Tips for 2016

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16 Makeup Tips for 2016

Most women are not makeup artists. Sure, we have learned a thing or two from our mothers or aunt Cindy, but holding an eyeliner pencil is sometimes scarier than a horror movie. To help you feel more sure of your makeup skill, here are 16 makeup tips to use in 2016 (and get rid of the photo of you with aunt Cindy’s lip liner on)!

1.Apply foundation first, then concealer

2. Use eyeshadow primer to keep eyeshadow looking fresh throughout the day

3. Apply blush only to the cheekbone, not the entire cheek

4. When using eyebrow pencil, darken the outer edges and apply lightly to the inner edges to create a more natural look

5. To shape thick eyebrows, use an eyebrow mascara or gel to keep your eyebrows looking natural

6. Apply foundation to your neck, not the back of your hand, when shopping for the right shade

7. If using only powders, put blush on before contouring your cheekbone. The blush acts as a guide: contour with bronzer right below it

8. For lighter coverage, apply liquid foundation with a damp beauty blender or sponge

9. Curl lashes before applying mascara

10. To make lipstick 3D, apply a lighter color of lipstick to the middle of your bottom lip with your finger

11. If lips are dry and chapped, get rid of the dead skin by scrubbing lips with a toothbrush just after you wash your face

12. Always apply lipstick last

13. Do not match your lipstick to your eyeshadow if it is a bright color

14. Warm mascara by running the tube under warm water for easier application

15. Use a setting spray or powder to keep makeup in place all day long

16. Apply foundation around lips to make lipstick pop

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